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潘妮朵尼面包 1000 克


The Classic Marchesi 1824 panettone is the result of almost two centuries of research and passion. The great leavened Christmas cake has a fresh, delicate flavour deriving from its fine ingredients such as raisins from Sei Corone, naturally candied fruit, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, Italian honey, and eggs from free-range chickens.The ingredients are mixed with the exclusive Marchesi yeast starter and the dough left to rise slowly. Compared to ordinary yeast, production with yeast starter requires more time and care to permit the development of microorganisms that possess many beneficial qualities and have a unique flavour.

Product code: 540657013_V


小麦粉、葡萄干15%、新鲜黄油、放养鸡鲜蛋黄、蔗糖、蜜饯橙皮10.9%(橙皮、葡萄糖浆、食糖)、水、天然酵母(小麦 粉、水)、意大利蜂蜜、鲜牛奶。蜜饯香橼片1.2%(香橼、葡萄糖浆、食糖)、盐、天然调味剂(香草豆荚)。在坚果、大豆和芥末加工厂生产



Nutritional values

营养价值(每100克):能量1673千焦 - 399千卡;脂肪19.3克 其中饱和脂肪酸10.1克;碳水化合物48.3克 其中糖28.5克;添加糖9克;蛋白质7.7克;盐0.1克;钠20毫克。


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