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Assorted tea pack - 6 tins

125 €

125 €


This elegant Marchesi pack contains 6 cans with 5 tea bags. Each leaf contains the aromas and traditions of northern Thailand where crops of this product grow in harmony in pristine forests. The cans preserve the spicy aroma of Siam Blend Black, the intense fragrance of Lahu Black, the fresh aroma of Lanna Green, the warm notes of honey of Dhara White, the rich and floral fragrance of Lychee Oolong and, finally, a burst of vegetable aromas of Jungle Oolong.

Product code: 530654018_V


Dhara White, Jungle Oolong, Lahu Black, Lanna Green, Lychee Oolong, Siam Blend Black


Does not contain allergens


The packaging may vary from the one shown in the picture.