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Fine, sustainable teas from Northern Thailand

An introduction to the exclusive teas served by Marchesi 1824

The teas served by Marchesi 1824 are imported exclusively from Thailand. Harvested from the original wild tea plant Camelia Sinensis Assamica, they offer the richness of aroma and flavour that only pure, organic tea can provide, along with numerous environmental benefits.

The purity of an ancient tradition.

Whereas most of the tea in the world today comes from large plantations of the domesticated Camelia Sinensis Sinensis plant, the tea used by Marchesi 1824 is free-grown in harmony with unspoilt, sustainable forests. This method of cultivation prevents deforestation and does not impact the local wildlife.
This range of teas grows at an altitude that ranges from 1000m to 1300m, in the border area between Thailand and Myanmar. This is the heart of the region between Assam in India and Yunnan in China where tea was born and has been used in traditional recipes and medicines for centuries.
In this environment the tea plant thrives without any need for herbicides or fertilisers, resulting in pure teas with outstanding aromas and flavoured teas with traditionally exotic notes.

Our exclusive teas.

Jungle Oolong:
Made with half-oxidised leaves from a single origin, harvested once a year, its sweet and sour explosion of jungle flavours recalls wild orchids and honey, with smokey tones.

Lahu Black:
An orthodox black tea harvested from a single origin, it offers an aroma of forest fruits and a warm, smooth, long-lasting taste of woody liqueur.

Lanna Green:
This delicate, single-origin green tea has a clean, pale yellow colour and a sweet, malty honey taste with a fruity plum aftertaste.

Dhara White:
Harvested just once a year, the silvery leaves of this single-origin tea provide long-lasting red fruit and honey aromas followed by a sweet aftertaste.

Lychee Oolong:
This semi-oxidised Oolong tea originates from traditional Thailand crops of camelia sinensis- sinensis and is naturally flavoured with lychees. The result is a sweet and intensely aromatic experience.

Siam Blend Black:
The striking spicy citrus aroma of this flavoured black tea is obtained exclusively from aromatic herbs, spices and citrus peel, with no additional essential oils.