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Ceremonial Cakes

Marchesi 1824 accompanies your special moments with an elegant selection of ceremonial cakes

Where creativity meets craftsmanship. Marchesi 1824's hand-decorated ceremony cakes stand out as authentic works of sweets, created to accompany your special moments.

Cake decoration has its roots in ancient times, when sugar was a rare and precious ingredient, reserved exclusively for festivals and special celebrations. Today, the spirit of this tradition remains unchanged: the expert hands of pastry chefs shape floral elements, figures and ornamental motifs with a mastery handed down from generation to generation.

Each hand-decorated cake is a unique creation, the result of meticulous work and careful attention to detail. The techniques used range from the use of sugar paste and marzipan to royal icing and natural colouring, allowing for extraordinary effects. 

The tools used, such as brushes and spatulas, become an extension of the hands of the pastry chefs, transforming the cake into a blank canvas on which to express their creativity. 

For your special event, Marchesi 1824 offers a year-round selection of customised ceremony cakes for every occasion. Every detail is carefully taken care of: from the choice of colours to the decorations. Small delicacies such as thematically decorated muffins and biscuits complete the offer. Explore the entire catalogue of ceremony cakes to accompany your moments with a unique touch.