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Grand Cru chocolates

An introduction to the Grand Cru chocolates offered by Marchesi 1824

The exceptionally high quality of the cacao used in Marchesi 1824 chocolates, each sourced from a specific territory, is deliciously clear from the first taste. What’s more, each Grand Cru boasts its own unique set of exquisite aromas. 

The sweet fruits of careful selection

We may sometimes forget that chocolate comes from a fruit. This means that, just like wine, its aromatic qualities differ considerably depending on the precise botanical variety of plant and the properties of the land where it grows.

In fact, some of the same terminology used in the world of fine wines is also employed to describe fine chocolate. An example is the term “Grand Cru”, meaning that the cocoa beans used all come from one specific geographic territory.

To create its unique neapolitans, Marchesi 1824 has selected the most exquisite varieties of Grand Cru cocoa from South America and the Caribbean.

Our Grand Cru chocolates

  • Obtained from ancient Arriba cocoa plantations in Ecuador’s so-called “Golden Triangle”, Grand Cru Ecuador 66% boasts a subtly powerful blend of floral aromas.
  • Grand Cru Sauvage Bolivia 68% is made from the rare wild Criollo Amazonico cacao from the Bolivian lowlands, where the trees are not cultivated but rather grow naturally. Its rich cocoa aroma is balanced by the freshness of lemon and grapefruit notes.
  • The first milk chocolate in the list is Grand Cru Dominican Republic 46%, from the island of Hispaniola. The sweetness of the milk is enhanced by intense cocoa and dried fruit aromas.
  • Grand Cru Venezuela 70% is a deeply satisfying dark chocolate characterised by warm notes of dried fruit and a hint of liquorice for an exceptional, enduring taste. It is obtained from a combination of rare Criollo, the “prince of cocoas”, and fine flavoured Trinitario from the north-west of the country.
  • The Grand Cru Sur Lago Venezuela 38%, on the other hand, is a fine milk chocolate made with Criollo cocoa from the Sur del Lago region. Its rich and creamy flavour is distinguished by honey and caramel hints.
  • The dark chocolate from the same region, Grand Cru Sur Lago Venezuela 72%, offers delicious almond and coffee notes for a lingering, full-bodied flavour of pure refinement.