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Torta Aurora

Torta Aurora, the favourite cake of Marchesi 1824

Torta Aurora by Marchesi 1824 is the cake par excellence, an icon of the pastry shop that has captivated entire generations. As light as a cloud and with the right touch of sweetness, this simple cake is perfect for every moment in our life, from breakfast to snack time and for celebrations big and small.

Layers of Aurora sponge cake, an incredibly soft and delicious variation of the classic sponge cake with the addition of potato starch and melted butter, are lightly moistened with a syrup made from Bourbon vanilla of Madagascar and alternate with classic pastry cream. All this deliciousness is then covered with a fine layer of whipped cream icing, sponge cake crumbs, and a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar. These are the very simple and perfectly balanced elements of the Torta Aurora by Marchesi 1824 with such a unique flavour at first taste that is impossible to forget.

The birth of the Torta Aurora is practically a mystery, as is the origin of its name, which is probably tied to its golden hue that bring to mind the first rays of sunlight appearing at dawn.
Angelo Marchesi, a descendant of the founder of Marchesi 1824, has personally witnessed the story of the Torta Aurora, which has always been featured in the display cases of the pastry shop, through the special occasions of its customers. For the most loyal patrons, this cake has accompanied all the celebrations in their lives, from first birthdays to weddings. Such an iconic cake is the perfect dessert for ceremonies big and small, to accompany the most important anniversaries or to simply treat yourself to a moment of joy in your daily life.

Over the years, the Torta Aurora has withstood the evolution of the pastry shop and has always remained true to itself. Its secret lies in the care that, even today, Marchesi 1824 puts into the preparation of its components, from the velvety smooth sponge cake to the pastry cream with its sweet, fragrant flavour, accompanied by a scent of fresh milk of the best whipped cream that you could ever imagine.

Very light, with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency and an incredibly fresh taste, the Torta Aurora by Marchesi 1824 is a cake that you will fall in love with at first bite. Perfect in its simplicity and with its delicate flavour, it is suitable for any moment in the day and rises to the occasion for all of the most special events of our life.