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Torta Truffé, a traditional chocolate delight

The secrets of the chocolate sensation served by Marchesi 1824

A classic dessert, the Marchesi 1824 Torta Truffé stands out for the unquestionable quality of its ingredients and the subtle refinement of its recipe through centuries of experience.

To call the Torta Truffé served by Marchesi 1824 a chocolate cake would be like reducing poetry to prose. It is a sensuous dream of velvety temptation, a beguiling ballet of fine chocolate, hazelnuts, rum and much more.

This traditional recipe has been a milestone of Marchesi 1824 repertoire for as long as anyone can remember and remains forever young and successful in seducing each new generation of Marchesi 1824 patrons with its charms.

To bite into a slice of Torta Truffé is to experience a series of exquisite sensations. At first the palate is tickled by a delicate dusting of fine cocoa powder. Then the tongue is rewarded by the dazzling explosion of chocolate from the rich, creamy coating and light sponge filling. The mellifluous aroma of rum soon follows, its honeyed sweetness offsetting the slightly bitter edge of the chocolate.

Finally, slowly, delightfully, the generous presence of rare Piedmont hazelnuts – a favourite ingredient in so many Marchesi 1824 creations – comes to the surface and contributes to the sweet, lingering smoothness in every mouthful.