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The long journey of Marchesi 1824 coffee, from the bean to the cup

Loved and enjoyed all around the globe, coffee is not only treasured for its rich, robust taste, but also for the ritual it offers, along with its associations with social connection. Originating from East Africa, coffee has a long history that is intertwined with the culture and society of many nations.

The origins of coffee are scattered among legends and true stories, but one thing is certain: it conquered the world with its distinctive character and versatility. While some favor it for the energy boost it gives, others appreciate its taste nuances, which are the result of a long process, from growing to roasting, and finally, brewing.

It might have been an Ethiopian goatherd who, by chance, discovered the coffee plant in around 700 A.D. Or perhaps it was a monk, who was given these beans and then threw them in a fireplace. In any event, this plant and its beans were discovered in Ethiopia. Coffee’s journey began from there: first moving towards the Red Sea and then to Yemen in the 15th century, arriving at the port of Mocha and then spreading across Asia and Europe.

There are as many ways of drinking it as there are of brewing it. From intense espresso coffee with a rich crema, to modern extraction techniques, various pathways intersect that may seem disparate, but are essentially complementary. The Chemex coffeemaker stands out among the most distinctive techniques. It is an elegant hourglass-shaped glass flask with a wooden collar. It is specially designed to offer an exceptional tasting experience, transforming brewing into a genuine ritual. By carefully measuring out the coffee and the water, the anticipation becomes an integral part of the process, highlighting the importance of the quality and celebrating the purity of the aromas. 

Marchesi 1824 and 1895 Coffee Designers by Lavazza celebrate the essence of this ingredient through the unique experience of the “Coffee Ritual”. This experience, which can only be enjoyed in Marchesi 1824 pastry shops, offers a tour through the different brewing techniques and the finest varieties of coffee. This year you can savor a rare variety from Guatemala made in a Chemex coffeemaker or a Moka pot: Precioso. It is a premium-quality, single-origin coffee, perfect for celebrating the complexity of the coffee’s aromas. This initiative celebrates the commitment and expertise that have long been a feature of these two historic companies, emphasizing their dedication to promoting innovation, while always remaining faithful to the principles of quality and authenticity.