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打造难忘时刻。Marchesi 1824历经近两百年的热情钻研,甄选各式蛋糕、小甜点、咸味糕点与饼干,令您在舒适的家中体验奇妙味蕾享受。




米兰Santa Maria alla Porta 11/a糕点店
电话:+39 02 862770

米兰Monte Napoleone 9糕点店
电话:+39 02 7600 8238

米兰Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II糕点店
电话:+39 02 9418 1710

Our Pastry Shop

One of Milan's oldest and finest pastry shops, Marchesi 1824 brings at your home exquisite creations to delight the palate, delivered in distinctive boxes decorated with brightly coloured ribbons.

Discover a rich selection of fresh pâtisserie: from “cupboard cakes” with the most delicious fillings - like the timeless Aurora cake, the sumptuous Saint Honoré or soft Sacher cake - to classic baked cakes evoking memories of home and family through their simplicity. The Marchesi 1824 cake assortment also expands to single servings, mignon versions with unique and unforgettable flavors.

Cream, chocolate, hazelnut and many other creams fill our airy light cream puffs, completing the offer of bite-sized delights alongside light, crisp biscuits: a special treat for any occasion.

Let our savory pastries surprise you: inspired by the time-honored aperitif ritual, our Master Pastry Chefs have created unique assortments to celebrate Happy Hour.